I'm fundraising for a great cause!

Lifeline is Australia’s largest suicide prevention service, with a vision of an Australia free of suicide. The Lifeline network spans the nation with 41 centres in metropolitan, rural and remote areas.  There are over 10,000 volunteers and 1,000 employees working to ensure that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Lifeline aims to deliver digital services to Australian people in crisis, wherever they might be and in the mode in which they are most comfortable accessing support. Each year, Lifeline receives almost 1 million contacts from people in crisis. 

By participating in the Hope Cycle, Tour of Australia on FulGaz, I'm raising much needed funds for Lifeline, can you help?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Warren Page

I'll kick off the fund raising with a personal donation, no point doing this without have some skin in the game.


Dan Yianakis

You look better in lycra than I do



Great work for a worthy cause ❤️


Terri Norman

Don't use your tricycle this time


Rob Mcpherson

Great cause go well Warren


June Chan

Great cause, have fun!


John Perosh

Great work Warren, enjoy the ride !


Eric Ang

Good Luck and Have Fun! You make us proud!


Sheldon Hatzantonis

Snowboarding would be easier.. LOL. Best of luck


Alex Threlfall

Great cause, good luck!


Gerard Kerr

Good Luck !


Goran Erceg

Best of luck mate!


Garry Armsworth


Dom Slotwinski

Great work mate. If you need anyone to drive the neutral service vehicle, I have a couple of giant Mavic Stickers I could use.


Martin Ranaldi

you're mad.....but good on you!!


Joanne Faglioni

I am tired thinking about this ride, great cause and may the force be with you




Denise Khoo

Good Luck!


Lina Yoo

Great work! Good luck and what a way to spend your birthday!


James Ousby

Good stuff Warren


John Motu

Good luck, hopefully no injuries



All the best Warren! What a way to spend your bday!


Emma Petchell

What a worthy cause. Good luck on the ride Warren!


Warren Page


Ethan Page


Tash Howlett

Great Charity, good luck with the ride Warren


Dianne Villaret

Best of luck Warren


Jacqui Hayes

Thought I should donate, as I might need lifeline one day with the way my mental state is going.... hahaha :) You are an inspiration with your riding. Proud of you!