Peter Parks

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

Lifeline is Australia’s largest suicide prevention service, with a vision of an Australia free of suicide. The Lifeline network spans the nation with 41 centres in metropolitan, rural and remote areas.  There are over 10,000 volunteers and 1,000 employees working to ensure that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Lifeline aims to deliver digital services to Australian people in crisis, wherever they might be and in the mode in which they are most comfortable accessing support. Each year, Lifeline receives almost 1 million contacts from people in crisis. 

By participating in the Hope Cycle, Tour of Australia on FulGaz, I'm raising much needed funds for Lifeline, can you help?

My Updates

Stage 15. Uluru

Friday 10th Sep
That was awesome. Such an amazing view and so lucky to get to see it. A real fitting way to finish the tour. I started the tour with zero fitness but feel pretty good now. 15 hard race effort rides in a row have got my strength back up. Although I’ll be glad to have a few easier rides for a few days. Thanks to all my sponsors. Every $ is much appreciated.

Stage 13- Berry Mountain

Thursday 9th Sep
3km at 10+% average gradient- ouch! And another decent overall climb at 637m altitude gain- Legs definitely feeling it now

Stage 12- Montville

Sunday 5th Sep
Short one today at 40min but not felt tired. Only 15km but a decent 450m climb and no downhill. Power was a bit down but I had also just eaten far too much for breakfast for Dad’s Day!! 3 stages to go

Stage11- Currumbin Valley Qld

Sunday 5th Sep
Fri 3 Sept Currumbin valley : This was a great ride which showed me how much fitness I’ve got in the last 2 weeks. Power has gone from 180 to 230 over an hour with the same Hr. Amazing what a bit of exercise does for your physical and mental health. I’m sleeping deeply every night and feeling good. So happy to see my donations are now over $300!

Stage 10 - Zig Zag Perth

Thursday 2nd Sep
It was a quick stage today up the ZigZag climb in Perth.
20km with a 300m climb for a 37min ride. Managed to really push hard and hold a power average of 231W (just over 3.0w/kg) Hr Av 172 so it was a fair effort. No time for photos today! 
Noticed my donations are now up to $280- that's funding for 7 people in crisis to have their calls answered. I'm so grateful for every donation.

Stage 8- Barossa

Thursday 2nd Sep
Monday 30 Aug Barossa- This is an area near where family are. It was nice to be able to ride over roads very similar to Clare Valley where I’ve done a lot of riding. Leg power has got so much stronger in 8 rides. Putting out about 25% more power for same HR and knees feel good again. Also sleeping well and the whole family have noticed a difference. Amazing what a bit of physical activity can do for your physical and mental health

Mt Wellington

Thursday 2nd Sep
August 27 Stage 6: 1300m with some sections at a quad burning 17+%. 1hr 40 min at an av Hr of 169 was the toughest exercise I’ve done in a long time.

Stage 3

Monday 23rd Aug
Beach road Melbourne!
Used to ride this often in various smashfests. Nice to revisit even though it’s only 30km away!
44km @32.5kph . Keeping watts similar to previous rides but HR is coming down. 
Might even be reasonably fit by the end of this!

Stage 2

Monday 23rd Aug
A beautiful ride around the back of Canberra to Lake George. About 38km with 450m climbing. Legs felt a bit tired today.

Stage 1

Saturday 21st Aug
First stage completed. A 38km , 350m elevation ride a round Lake Burley Griffen in Canberra- 1hr 20min - was supposed to be taking it easy but had an average Hr of about 168. I blame the map they had of other riders currently on the course which kicked in my competitive side. I have been very lazy lately so it was good to get a good sweat up and do something good.

Finding My Why.

Saturday 14th Aug
The last year or so has been challenging for all of us. 
Riding for Lifeline serves two purposes
- raise important funds to the suicide prevention hotline that receives a million contacts a year, with some calls going unanswered due to funding limits. $39 allows for a call to be answered
- give me a reason to get off the couch and start exercising for my own physical and mental health. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Well done on RTM Pete and good luck on this amazing ride that you are doing! You have a heart of gold!


Mo Prasad

Had to get you to your 500 Well done bro proud of you mate. 🤗🙏🏽😍



Incredible achievement for such a worth cause. P.S. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!


Jonatan Parks



Amazing Pete, Well done!! From all the Staffords x


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Love your action and motivation for better physical and mental health for you and others. 💚




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You’ve earnt a donut or two! ;)


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I’ll send you loads of photos of me eating kebabs to motivate you each day.



Awesome cause: keep cycling Pete


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Well done Pete that was a great effort for a great cause!


Peter Parks


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Great work uncle Pete 👍🏼🔥