To participate in the Hope Cycle from the comfort of your own home you will need some cycling equipment. Our friends at JetBlack Cycling are in the process of setting up their own online store. In the meantime, they are offering bulk discounts on equipment for corporate partners wishing to set-up multiple indoor cycling stations within your office. For more information on this, please email Bec at events@fulgaz.com 

Their equipment is also available throughout Australia at trusted bike shops like 99Bikes and Pushys.com.au

PRO Set-Up (Smart trainers start from $1,200 AUD, excluding bike)

  • Road Bike 
  • Smart Trainer (e.g JetBlack VOLT, Wahoo Kickr, Tacx) or Smart Bike.


Basic Set-up (Standard trainers + speed senser start from $250-$300, excluding bike)

  • Road Bike 
  • Standard Trainer - These start around $200, checkout some options from JetBlack Cycling here)
  • Speed Sensor if using Standard trainer.

If you want to get set-up properly for indoor cycling with all of the must-have (but not essential) accessories to make riding inside even more enjoyable, Jetblack Cycling also have a range of equipment bundles of offer as well.

VOLT - Studio 2

  • Volt Smart Trainer
  • Turn Riser Block
  • Training Mat
  • Trainer Table (suitable for those running FuLGaz on phone, tablets and laptops)

RRP - $1,653 AUD


FulGaz works on Apple TV or an iPhone or iPad and Mac as well as Windows and Android devices. To get started you will need to download the app onto your respective device. For an amazing viewing (and riding) experience we highly recommend using an Apple TV connected to your lounge room TV or monitor.

Please note rides in 'event mode' will force you to download the ride prior to starting. This ensures an un-interupted riding experience, so make sure you download each stage well ahead of time to avoid delays. 


For a full set-up guide and troubleshooting on connecting your trainer to your device please visit FulGaz