To participate in the Hope Cycle, Tour of Australia from the comfort of your own home you will need some cycling equipment.

PRO Set-Up


Basic Set-up

  • Road Bike 
  • Standard Trainer (Checkout some options here)
  • Speed Sensor if using Standard trainer.


FulGaz works on Apple TV or an iPhone or iPad and Mac as well as Windows and Android devices. To get started you will need to download the app onto your respective device. For an amazing viewing (and riding) experience we highly recommend using an Apple TV connected to your lounge room TV or monitor.

Please note rides in 'event mode' will force you to download the ride prior to starting. This ensures an un-interupted riding experience, so make sure you download each stage well ahead of time to avoid delays. 

Rider Support

This is a challenging 15-stage event, so just like any multi-day event, preparation is key to getting the best experience possible. You'll want to be sure your equipment is working and your FulGaz setup is dialled in before the start.

A quick pre-event checklist

  • Ensure your are connected to the internet! FulGaz events require an internet connection.
  • Download the ride video completely before starting.
  • Test your set up! Make sure your trainer and connections are all working.
  • Only ride the routes from within the Hope Cycle ride channel.

For more tips and tricks on enjoying on the Hope Cycle as well as solutions to common trouble shooting problems, click the support button below.